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Students love school STEM Club

Teamwork and problem-solving on a range of fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities? Challenge accepted!

The students at St Thomas More are enjoying our weekly lunchtime STEM Club, where they participate in all kinds of engaging learning experiences including digital design, coding and hands-on challenges – such as this week's engineering activities!

In these activities, students were challenged to collaborate in small groups to design, construct and reflect upon the development and building process. They used marshmallows and spaghetti sticks or newspaper and tape to build their tallest, self-supporting towers. 

Throughout the process, students were also provided with the opportunity to reflect and have a conversation about the designing and building process with both their peers and teachers.

The STEM Club also allows students to be involved with larger projects, such learning to code with the goal of building a coding system that will monitor the school's gardens water levels and local weather.

"STEM education provides opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, understanding and problem-solving skills needed to influence scientific and technological developments through innovation," teacher, Mr Lachlan Carter said.

"An enhanced understanding of STEM and its real-world applications encourages students to actively contribute to society and to increase their future career opportunities," he said.

The STEM Club is currently open to Years 3 to 6 students, with further expansion also in the planning.